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Our mailing address is:
1000 Westgate Drive, Suite 252
St. Paul, MN 55114

Our telephone number is: 651.290.7482

We encourage you to fill out the contact form or send us an e-mail at office@mgta.org.

MGTA Management

http://mgta.org/associations/10523/files/PaulHanscom-headshot.gifMonte Abeler | 651-265-7852 | monte.abeler@mgta.org

Monte Abeler joined Ewald Consulting in January of 2012 as a Technology Communications Intern before transitioning to his current role as an Assistant Account Executive. Since 2008 Monte has built an accomplished record of leadership focused in marketing and promotional campaigns. His successes span from logistical management of teams for local organizations to creating and executing a social media campaign for a 10,000+ attendee event. Monte graduated from Northwestern College with his BS degree in Marketing and an Accounting minor. He enjoys sports and music, along with volunteering with community-based organizations.

Monte is in charge of overall account satisfaction for MGTA and staffs the Board of Directors meetings.

http://mgta.org/associations/10523/files/PaulHanscom-headshot.gifPaul Hanscom, MA, CAE

Paul joined Ewald Consulting in 2004. Previously, Paul worked in project management and implementation for various companies, nonprofits and government institutions including the Bretton Woods Committee, the Customer Relationship Management Unit of the International Trade Administration, and the Latin American Network Project of Casa de la Paz. He is experienced in monitoring & evaluation, strategic planning, sponsorship development and volunteer engagement. Paul holds a Master's degree in International Development from the American University and a double Bachelor's degree. His writing on membership development and stakeholder analysis has been published in Nonprofit News and Associations Now magazine. Paul has been a featured speaker at state, regional, and national conferences presenting on volunteer engagement and board leadership. In January 2008, he earned the designation of Certified Association Executive (CAE).

Paul is in charge of overall account satisfaction for MGTA and staffs the Board of Directors meetings.

Amanda Ewald

Amanda Ewald received her first paycheck from Ewald Consulting at the age of 10 for stuffing envelopes. She graduated from envelopes to variety of internships during high school and while attending St. Olaf College. She graduated from St. Olaf with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a concentration in Finance and Management in May, 2007. Amanda became the first third generation Ewald to work full time at the company when she was hired in August 2007 as Operations Manager. She is responsible for a variety of activities primarily in the accounting and finance department.

Amanda processes accounts receivable and accounts-payable, prepares monthly financial statements and handles financial compliance issues for MGTA.

Ashley Crunstedt | 651.203.7248 | ashley.crunstedt@mgta.org

Ashley joined up with the Ewald Consulting team in the fall of 2006. She joined the events team in June 2007. Ashley graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in broadcast journalism and a minor in international studies. While attending UW-RF she was the captain of the women's swim team and spent a semester studying throughout 12 countries in Europe.

Ashley is the lead event coordinator for MGTA. She oversees all staff activities related to events.

Joe Flannigan | 651.290.7497 | joef@mgta.org

Joe is the staff member responsible for coordinating layout, production, editing and mailing of communication pieces for MGTA.

Jeanne DeMartino | 651.290.7460 | jeanne.demartino@mgta.org

Jeanne handles data entry and management of member data.

Midwest Global Trade Association
1000 Westgate Drive, Suite 252 | St. Paul, MN 55114
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